Please review our line cards and discover why so many people come to EBS for quality HVAC equipment.

Direct-Fired Heating, Ventilating, & Make-Up Air Units

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), Split System HVAC Systems, Water Source Heat Pumps. Air Source Heat Pumps

Extruded, Modular, and Diffuser Type Hydronic Radiant Ceiling Panels

Direct & Indirect- Fired Heating & Ventilating Units, Air Turnover & Make-Up Air Units

Electric Baseboard Heaters, Unit Heaters & Cabinet Unit Heaters

Classroom Air Handlers, Vertical Unit Ventilators, Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

HDPE Cooling Towers- 20 Year Warranty, Closed Circuit Systems, Packaged Cooling Systems

Modular Chiller Plants, Packaged Heat Transfer, Domestic Booster Packaged Pumping

Custom HVAC Solutions for demanding applications

WSHP Hose Kits, FCU Piping Packages, Automatic Flow Control Valves

Fanwall Air Handlers, Cleanroom Systems Data Center Solutions

Modular Hi-Rise Horizontal, Vertical, & Belt Drive Fan Coils

Packaged Rooftop Units, Fan Coils, VAV Boxes, Commercial Comfort Control Systems

Custom Packaged DX Systems, Ultraline Rooftop Systems, Vertical Self-Contained Systems

Air Terminal Units, Single Duct VAVs, Dual Duct VAVs, Fan Powered VAVs

Multi-Zone Rooftop Packaged Heating & Cooling Units

Bi-Polar Ionization Systems that treat smoke odors & VOCs. Allows reduction of outside air per ASHRAE 62.1

Dehumidification Systems for Large Natatoriums, Hotel Pools, Therapy Pools, and Critical Environments

Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric and Gas Fired Humidifiers

Gas Fired Unit Heaters, Gas Fired Duct Heaters, Gas Infrared Heaters, Energy Recovery, DOAS Units

Hydronic Fin Tube Radiation, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters & Convectors

Gas Infrared Heating Systems; Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Standard, and Vacuum Systems

Energy-Efficient Fans, Air Handling Units, Air Distribution, Air Conditioning, Air Curtains, Heating Products

Dual Core Energy Recovery Units with up to 95% Sensible Effectiveness

Custom Air Handlers, Replacement Coils, Replacement Fans

Air Handler and Duct Mounted Ultravoilet Light Disinfecting Systems

Energy Recovery Systems, Enthalpy Wheels, Plate Exchangers, Heat Pipes, Custom Dedicated Outdoor Systems

Custom Air Handlers For Healthcare Market, Energy Recovery Units, Knock Down Construction

Hydronic Fin Tube Radiation, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters & Convectors

Integral Face & Bypass Coils, High Level Circulators, Make-Up Air Units, Air Curtains & Door Heaters

Variable Frequency Drives

Chillers, Air Handlers, Packaged RTUs, Condensing Units, Fan Coil Units

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